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Comfort For You, Security For Your Instrument.

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The Seventh String Classic

I am not a good guitar player.

But my cousin is. A really, really good guitar player, with decades of professional experience. One afternoon he called me to ask if I would make him a custom guitar strap.

I'm a leathersmith. A good one, if I may say so, also with decades of professional experience. As we talked about what my cousin was looking for, the idea came up that I might design a line of straps offering the same level of finish and detail found in the finest guitars on today's market. The Seventh String Guitar Strap was born.

Each Seventh String Guitar Strap is hand-made, by me, in Atlanta, Georgia. If you feel like there's something missing when you attach a mass-produced nylon strap to your impeccably built guitar, I'd love to make one for you.

M. Keiley, 2020

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"I played my Les Paul for a while this morning with your strap, then switched to one of my Music Man guitars which is about 1/2-3/4 of the LP weight, and it was crazy how much heavier it felt with a traditional nylon strap!"

Patrick C., St. Louis

"Hi Mike, Just an email to say I received your straps yesterday here in Geelong Australia. I’m delighted with them, I’ve been looking for something like them for ages and love the quality. I can’t wait to display them at the next gig. So it is with pleasure I have ordered another strap, a Retro Vintage Acoustic for my National Reso. Keep up the great work."

David G.