About Us

The Seventh String Guitar Strap began with a call to Master Leathersmith
Michael Keiley from his cousin, a superlative guitarist and veteran performer
who was seeking a strap to meet his threefold needs of comfort, durability,
and secure handling of his valuable guitar.

Keiley, whose most widely-recognized work is the iconic journal featured
in the motion picture epic "Dances With Wolves", began fabricating prototypes
and sending them to his cousin for "torture testing and evaluation". The quest
for the finest available leather guitar strap was on, and the results are offered
on these pages.

From his studio in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael hand-cuts and assembles each
Seventh String Guitar Strap with uncompromising attention to finish and
"I have learned a great deal about the passion guitarists feel, not just for the
wonderful music their guitars can produce, but for the instruments themselves,"
he says.
His commitment is to consistently produce a product
which enhances the connection
between guitarist and guitar.

Good photographs courtesy of Brian Brown, BSB3 Photography.
Not-so-good photographs, we're working on it.