The Seventh String  Guitar Strap

A fine guitar deserves a fine guitar strap.

Our mission is to make the best guitar straps for the best guitars.

Comfort and Security

Seventh String Guitar Straps are assembled on curved jigs so they feel "broken in" straight out of the box.English-style bridle leathers distribute your guitar's weight across the entire width of the strap. The densest parts of the leather are used at stress points to insure minimal stretching and maximum durability. 

No bigger screws. No new hardware.

Loop Locks  slide snug against strap buttons after attaching your Seventh String Guitar Strap, providing a secure connection without adding invasive aftermarket hardware. Of course, if you like metal "strap locks", or want to switch your strap quickly among several guitars, you can specify strap-lock-ready holes on your new strap when ordering.

You have invested carefully in an instrument which combines the best available craftsmanship with the best possible sound. A fine guitar deserves a fine guitar strap.

Hand-made in USA with uncompromising attention to finish and detail, Seventh String Guitar Straps are made to age as richly as fine tone-wood, and last for decades.

"So when he bent his talent and skill to making straps for his guitar-playing customers, they rank as perhaps the pinnacle of the breed" -Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, May 2010